Message from the CEO

Dear Korozo  colleague,

In 2020, we developed our Strategy House and our Vision to take Korozo to the top of the packaging industry, all together.

Our Strategy provides commercial guidance with respect to the geographies,  and the customers where we want to grow .

In our operations and support functions, we focus on excellent quality and service to our customers, as well as on cost competitiveness, robust processes and tools and above all, safe execution. In all our actions, we aim to minimise the impact on the environment.

To put our Strategy “at work”, we have developed numerous transformational and tactical action plans which are all being executed. The 12 to 8 hour transition is only one powerful example among many others. Yet, our Strategy House is not complete. Our Vision is the roof, and strategy execution are the walls which will support the roof. But our journey to the top will continue, so we needed to build solid foundations which will inspire our talented coworkers to take decisions in the future and continuously develop new actions. Those foundations are the Korozo Company Values:

“Safety, Customer First, Excellence, Focus on Results, Sustainability and One Korozo”

They have been carefully selected with the input from many of you.

Going forward, the Korozo Values will be at the core of our daily behaviours as members of the Korozo family. Very soon you will all receive documentation, training and tips which will help you to bring the Values to life. I thank all my colleagues who have participated in this effort which is a major step in our journey to the Top. I count on everyone to accompany the leadership team and myself on this journey.