COVID-19 Update

Korozo Group CEO Filip Lens disclosed a message on the measures we have taken against Covid-19 outbreak.

Dear Business partners,

We are closely monitoring the guidance of both local authorities and World Health Organization (WHO) regarding the coronavirus outbreak, which is a common agenda for all of us. We would like to inform you, our valued business partners, about the measures we have taken as well as about the current situation of our operations.

Our priority is to ensure the health of our colleagues and to ensure uninterrupted business continuity. At present, we can confirm that our operations are running as usual. We share with you some of the measures we have taken.

1- Actions implemented to ensure our employees’ health:

We have organized company-wide meetings and seminars to inform all our employees about epidemics, protection methods and all points that need attention. Communication will continue to provide updates We have postponed all international business travel. In case of essential travel, we make sure that our employees work from home for 14 days when they return We have postponed all non-essential visits to our factories. In case of essential visits and at shipping points, we provided the necessary information and we grant entrance permits upon health screenings. In our production processes, we have increased the frequency of our screenings for the first registration and unloading stages

We have suspended physical meetings and trainings, and replaced these with conference calls In order to minimize the risks of infection at work, we are increasing “social distance” in our offices and we are encouraging working from home while ensuring the continuity of our business All offices and common areas as well as employee shuttles have been and will be disinfected and sterilized

2- Actions in place to mitigate business interruption and to maintain normal service

We are informing and giving directions to all our suppliers in light of the measures imposed by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization We have further tightened the management of our warehouses to monitor availability of raw materials We have placed additional orders of raw materials to have sufficient inventory to minimize possible delays Our manufacturing operations are operating as usual and in accordance with increased hygiene procedures Our lead times could be lengthened by a few days in certain cases due to delays in inbound and outbound transport. Due to this, there could also be increased transportation costs. Our teams are managing these situations on a case by case basis to minimize any impact

In case of a lockdown, as a company producing critical materials in food and non-food industry, we will ensure continuity in production to prevent a potential supply chain breakdown. The circumstances are new and unique for all of us. We will monitor the situation continuously and with your valued support we will adapt to any future changes to minimize disruption. Please do not hesitate to contact your local Korozo contact, if you have any further questions.

We appreciate your support and cooperation and we wish you all healthy and safe days.

Flip Lens